The Hypnotic Keys – You will never be the same again!

After 40 years of studying the most advanced forms of hypnosis, Mike Addison has over the last 20 years taught workshops and seminars on his unique form of Hypnosis called: Anodynic Hypnosis.
Anodynic Hypnosis is specifically designed to manage, reduce or remove the three types of pain a human experiences. As well as employ both Acupressure Hypnosis and Rapid Hypnosis to achieve instant states of deep relaxing trance for effortless change.

The Hypnotic Keys – You’ll never be the same again! is a free work that Mike has provided to educate the public in these advanced hypnotic methods. This book contains the 1st 5 Keys of 108 Hypnotic Keys.

If you enjoy this work, feel free to contact Mike at: for Workshop and Seminar Schedules.

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