The Journey: The Confidence & High Self-esteem Hypnotherapy Program (4 CDs)

Self hypnosis Program by professional hypnotist, Rachael Eccles: The Journey: The Confidence & High Self-esteem Hypnotherapy Program

The Journey: Hypnotherapy Program

CD 1. The Journey: Where do you want to go?

CD 2. The Journey: Leaving Rock Bottom

CD 3. The Journey: The Golden Path

CD 4. The Journey: Ascending the Mountain

This hypnotherapy program combines hypnosis and meditation techniques to take you on a voyage of self-discovery. Initially beginning with CD 1, you will begin to create an image of what you would really like to be like and feel like. Once this is becoming clear in your mind you begin working with CD 2 where you can overcome perceived block and obstacles, clearing the path for the new confident you. CD 3 takes you along the path of self-discovery where your confidence is built and established through hypnotic suggestions, reprogramming your mind with confidence Later a meeting with your inner guide/higher self allows deeper insights to be experienced. Finally, CD 4 takes you to a higher place. Positive change, wellbeing, contentment and high self-worth are firmly established. The CDs can be used interchangeably and are also standalone self hypnosis guided meditation sessions. This program allows you to receive all 4 CDs at the special price of £39.99

Before purchasing a self-hypnosis recording of any kind it is a good idea to look up the therapist on the internet, or on Amazon MP3 to listen to a voice sample as it is very important that you like the voice of the therapist and of course that is down to personal taste.

There is a set of promotional videos on “The Journey” available on youtube, take a look – search – “Rachael Eccles Journey”

Product Features

  • Self Hypnosis & Guided Meditation Program
  • Hypnotherapy confidence
  • Professional Hypnotist Rachael Eccles

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