The NLP Master Practitioner Manual

Much NLP training today views Master Practitioner level as simply containing bigger, more complex techniques than Practitioner level, but this is a misconception. Being a Master Practitioner isn’t about techniques at all, it’s about letting go of techniques altogether and getting to grips with the very foundation of NLP itself – modelling high performers. Modelling is the method behind every NLP technique, and by understand how to extract and replicate the mental processes of high performance, you will transcend everything that you have learned at Practitioner level. The NLP Master Practitioner Manual will show you how to: Break down any NLP technique and adapt it effortlessly to any situation, even in everyday conversation Extract the innate talents of high performers in any field and replicate those talents Learn how to create coaching and training programs that install high performance models in your learners This NLP Master Practitioner manual is the result of 20 years research and application of NLP by one of its most innovative, practical and results oriented trainers and writers. Peter Freeth has pioneered many recognised developments in NLP’s approach and techniques that are now used by countless trainers and professionals, worldwide.

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2 comments for “The NLP Master Practitioner Manual

  1. J. Zadzilka "internet researcher-copywriter-i...
    May 2, 2013 at 11:53 PM

    Phenomenal – Should be a Best Seller with NLP Enthusiasts I’ve been an NLP Student and Coach since the mid 80’s and have read almost every worthwhile book on NLP. Peter Freeth nails it big time with his ability to put advanced NLP instruction into words and concepts that open the curtains to the backstage secrets for NLP mastery. I have seldom read a book on NLP modelling and the underlying structures of human excellence that explains the magic of NLP more effectively than Peter Freeth has in his new book, The NLP Master Practitioner Manual. As a Certified Master Practitioner of both the Classic and New Code NLP, I absolutely recommend buying this book. Throw away any hesitation you may have on whether this book is worth the price. It is worth the price many times over. Buy it Now! Five Big Stars!!!

  2. Anonymous
    May 3, 2013 at 5:00 AM

    Great book I have read everything under the sun on NLP and this is a good one. Worth the price and much more.

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