The Work of Thy Hand ~ Pregnancy Support for the Christian Mom ~ Guided Imagery and Affirmations – 2 CD Set / MP3

A child is right now being “knitted together in your womb” – a human being who will fill your heart with love and change your life forever. Your baby truly is the work of God’s hand. A miracle!

This two CD set was lovingly created, using affirmations and scripture, to accompany and strengthen you through a grace-filled pregnancy. Through the ups and downs, you never walk alone. You have the strength of the Lord on which to call at all times. “The Work of Thy Hand” helps you draw on that strength every day of your joyful pregnancy and beyond.

Product Features

  • It is so important that Christian women have support specifically based on God’s strength and guidance during pregnancy and birth. There are few Guided Imagery products geared particularly to the Christian mom. There’s a reason you have found us. By purchasing and listening to this 2-CD set, you are giving yourself and your baby daily reminders of God’s faithful love as your journey through pregnancy.
  • This CD Set was lovingly created in memory of a woman whose pregnancy and birth were supported and guided by both scripture and Guided Imagery. She chose the scriptures on these CDs before her death in order to help Christian women everywhere lean on the Lord throughout their pregnancy and birth experiences. Her dream was to share her Christian love with birthing women everywhere.
  • These CDs were written by a Christian woman who is also a highly qualified and experienced childbirth professional.
  • Janet Field is an Assisting Minister in the Lutheran Church as well as a trained Midwife, Doula, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, and Hypnobabies Home Study Supervisor. Janet is also an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist trained and certified since 2001

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