Virtual Gastric Band Operation Procedure for Weight Loss

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  1. Lauren
    September 23, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    WOW. Awesome! I got this hypnosis for weight loss not because Iam obese, but because I would like to lose a few pounds for when Iam in my sister’s wedding at the end of May. I did the first session last night. They hypnotherapist has a beautiful, calm, soothing voice. The music, though not perfect, is soothing. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it is the next day, I just ate lunch, and it’s already working. I got full very quickly, I ate much more slowly, without having to really think about “making myself” eat slower. (As a frame of reference, I can have a bottomless stomach appetite-I t’s like I can eat and eat, and I tend to always want to “wolf down my food” which made my digestion very poor at times.) She does an incredibly thorough visualization of the virtual gastric band from start to finish. Everything you would imagine even the “sound effects” of the hospital staff and the noises in the operating room. It’s emphaisized throughout that you are 100% safe and side effect free with no complications or risks. Only the positive, good benefits of having less appetite due to a smaller stomach are emphasized. Right now I feel so good from my lunch. It was smaller portion size and I chewed super well. For .99 cents it’s almost like she gave this away. I highly recommend it! I am excited to see how this works long term. Love to see more by this hypnotherapist. 🙂

  2. practical_idealist
    September 23, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    Awesome mp3!! Definitely the best way to spend 99 cents!! In the past, I’ve tried dieting, exercising, Slim Fast, diet pills and fad diets. Nothing worked for me. I’d lose weight, only to gain back twice as much. Due to chronic health issues and age (I’m 47), my doctor recommend gastric band surgery. So, I thought I’d research this topic before making a commitment. I did an online search for gastric band surgery. On the side bar, gastric band hypnotherapy and virtual gastric band (VGB) hypnosis appeared as related terms. It sounded interesting, so I searched Google for VGB hypnosis and was surprised by the results.VGB hypnosis was available only in the UK a few years ago and advertised moderate success. There were some practitioners listed in the US; however, the required sessions prior to the virtual gastric band surgery were very costly: at least $125 an hour, not including the VGB session. With this in mind, I checked Amazon for VGB hypnosis and found this mp3 along with a few others. After listening to samples of each one, I decided on this one. I reasoned, “what have I got to lose? 99 cents isn’t a lot of money.” So I purchased Brenda Bentley’s mp3. I must say: this is absolutely the BEST way I’ve ever spent 99 cents!!Ms. Bentley’s voice is very soothing. The relaxation exercise leading up to the virtual gastric band operation calmed me completely. I wasn’t anxious during the hypnosis. If anything, I was excited, anticipating the virtual surgery. The imagery during the surgery was very realistic. Sounds of hospital personnel and equipment in the background made the hypnosis session real to me. I truly felt I was ‘there.’ When she described the band tightening my stomach (making it smaller), my body responded with those sensations. The entire hypnosis session was an amazing experience!!After listening to it the first time, I noticed a dramatic reduction of my daily food intake. My stomach filled up much quicker than in the past and I had little desire for constant snacking. Instead, I started eating much smaller portioned meals with small snacks of fruit in between meals. I also started drinking more water, which added to the sensation of being full. I’ve been listening to this mp3 each day, to reinforce meal portioning and listening to my body’s satiety signals. It’s helped considerably so far.This mp3 is a tool in my weight management program, along with exercise, eating healthy foods and boosting my self esteem. I’ve set a reasonable goal to achieve by this time next year. The best advice I can give anyone who is considering buying this mp3 is “just do it”!! If you’re open minded, believe in the mind – body connection, practice meditation and truly desire to lose weight, this mp3 with help you achieve your goals. This mp3 is awesome and is more than worth 99 cents!!

  3. C. Henderson
    September 23, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    satisfied with program honestly i was really skeptical about this. just the idea of it seemed hokey. then when i listened to it i was still not convinced. but every night ive let this play as im going to sleep. invariably i fall asleep while its on. i figured it couldnt hurt to listen to it while im i think the program is that you feel full and like you dont need to eat. my experience is thay im not hungry. EVER. even foods that i normally like/want im not hungry for. if i do eat i am satisfied with less food than usual. ive even wanted healthier choices (water vs soda). very surprised and satisfied if it keeps helping me eat less.

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