Weight Loss Hypnosis: Increasing Activity and Motivation

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2 comments for “Weight Loss Hypnosis: Increasing Activity and Motivation

  1. C. Cason
    November 3, 2013 at 8:58 AM

    Too much commentary for hypnosis There is a lot of commentary in this hypnosis that I find distracting. For instance, the hypnotist’s interest in successful weight losers on talk shows, Jared of Subway, etc. These are comments that could have been included in the introduction, but they come after the relaxation countdown. I have been hypnotized before, and I have read about it. I think the suggestions should be straight forward positive suggestions. A suggestion is made to go buy a pedometer the next day–this is before any leadings to bring you back to awareness. That felt so wrong to me, that it brought me back to awareness. I mean, do you go out everyday and buy a pedometer that you listen to the hypnosis? The hypnotist has a nice voice, and the background ocean wave sounds are really nice. I am glad that I only paid $.99 for the one section of regarding exercise motivation. I think it would help if the sample was a little longer, and/or more focused on the actual suggestion phase so that the consumer knows what they are buying. If the hypnotist edited so that the relaxation/suggestion phase is definite that, and his comments are pre or post that phase would be really good.

  2. Daniel E. Glover "Danny Glover"
    November 3, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    Great Program This hypnotist is very soothing and his suggestions are working in my diet plan. I recommend anyone on any diet plan to supplement it with a good hypnotist program

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