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  1. azloafer
    March 6, 2013 at 10:47 PM

    A weight loss system that really works! This MP3 download by Benjamin DeFoor is amazing. There are a lot of hypnosis recordings available and I can’t speak for them because this is the only one that we used. Starting with the first time that I listened to it, I recall the beginning of the recording when I was told to relax. I also recall the ending when I was told to wake up. I never heard the middle of the recording; at least I cannot remember hearing it. My wife also listened to it and the same thing happened to her. Then we used Windows Media Player to listen to the middle of the recording to see if anything was really there. We did this while together without playing the introduction. Sure enough, there was something in the middle. We have had this MP3 for several weeks now and, except for that one time; neither of us have ever heard the entire recording! Are we hypnotized? I don’t know how being hypnotized is supposed to feel so I can’t say for sure. I know this much, something did happen during the first time I listened to it and on subsequent occasions. I didn’t feel hungry at all; in fact I didn’t eat anything for two days. My wife went without food for one day. We both want to lose weight so the suggestions that are given may be easily accepted by us. We might have the perfect mind set to absorb the contents of the recording. Even after weeks of listening to the recording, sometimes twice a day, I never recall hearing anything accept the first section telling me to relax and the ending where I am told to awaken.Tip: The proper setting seems to relax me faster. I sit in a darkened room and use a head set. I find this relaxing to begin with, when playing music that I like. I have no idea if I am being hypnotized or just falling asleep. I don’t know the difference. I do know that when I am told to awaken I do become alert and feel refreshed. It is something like that feeling you have after a good nap. I never played all of the recording while awake, so I don’t know everything that is said, but I seem to want more fruit and vegetables and less meat. After a week of listening to this, we both decided to cut out all meat and dairy products. We have read that this is more than being a Vegetarian; it is called a Vegan way of eating. I am sure that the recording did not tell us to eat this way, but for some unknown reason we just decided to try it. My best guess is that it promotes a healthy eating lifestyle and we just carried it a step further. We have a daughter-in-law who is a Vegan so that might enter into this decision.We have talked about listening to the MP3, skipping through the first part so that we are awake just to find out what is said in this 30 minute recording. Then we decided, why ruin a good thing. If it works by teaching us to eat less and eat healthy, then that is all we have to know. Doing the Vegetarian or Vegan thing is our own idea and we’ll see how that goes. There is much information on Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles on the Internet, Just Google it. Will eating in a healthy way continue? Only time will tell. I started listening twice daily because I am a big eater and needed the reinforcement. One thing that we do know is that this MP3 works. We find it hard to believe that an 89 cent MP3 download has changed our way of eating!If you are looking for help to be healthier and lose weight, this product is one to try. I don’t know the author, in fact, I never even heard of him so my review is based solely on using this product. I have invested a whole lot more than 89 cents for diet books that I purchased and none of them worked!

  2. QuiltingMamaw
    March 7, 2013 at 5:00 AM

    Weight Loss Hypnosis Program I really like this Hypnosis Program, I actually have put it on my MP Player, as I settle down for bed I listen to this. It actually helps me relax so much that I sleep in a really deep sleep. And I have noticed that I am eating less during the day. And I have always drank a lot of water but I am slowly doing away with soft drinks even more, and I have lost a few pounds. Thank you so much.

  3. Tammy L. Cook "Crafter and Home maker, I love...
    March 7, 2013 at 5:29 AM

    So Far, So Good Well I’ve only had it for about 5 days now and it’s so far, so good, I haven’t seen any real loss yet but they did say don’t get real excited before about day 10. So I am still trying it out, but, I listen when I am going to sleep, and like the one review says, some parts I do not hear but I listened while sitting up and staying awake one time TO hear the middle. But for the most part it says to envision you at the Goal Weight (I picked about 120 or so but I’m about 130 lbs over that), tht you will eat slower, less sweet/snack stuff and feel happier, it says that the change is permenant or something, can’t really remember but I hope! & also when it starts talking about the Relaxng, I never make it past the part where he says “imagine all the parts of your body relaxing…” or whatever, I drift off, I put it on repeat so it plays at night, I need the reinforcement, but it also helps me sleep bc his voice is very pleasant. One time I dreamed it was Josh Groban talking! 😀 But I’m a Josh fan! Anyway, so far so good, if nothing more than for the rlaxing sleep I like it so far, I’ll let all know after day 10!***Updated***Can’t say I’ve dropped a ton of weight yet, and the cravings are still there at night, but I haven’t listened to it in a few days I’ve usually fallen asleep & forgot to turn it on but I will give it more time, I know stuff can’t just happen overnight. Not a bad review of the product, just an honest one, I wonderr if it takes longer w/ some ppl.

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