You Can Easily Improve Your Memory self hypnosis CD

Self hypnosis CD by professional hypnotist, Rachael Eccles: Improve Your Memory

Do you want to remember much more easily?

To recall facts, names and information, remembering with ease

This self-hypnosis recording will allow you to begin to remember more easily, remembering facts, information, names and more, able to do so without difficulty and without unnecessary stress, because your memory is improving day by day. As well as the general benefit of having a better memory, this session is also useful for people who are studying and want to remember what they have learned more easily.

The hypnosis session guides you into a relaxed state and inputs positive suggestions that allow your subconscious mind to begin to focus more when you wish to remember information, to store new information where you can find it easily and to remember facts and details more quickly and easily than before. The recording lasts around 25 minutes so it is practical to use it on a regular basis. You should start to see results within 3 weeks, in most cases much earlier. For some people the effects happen very rapidly indeed. Look up Rachael on youtube or Amazon MP3 for a voice sample

Product Features

  • Self Hypnosis
  • Professional Hypnotherapist Rachael Eccles

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