Get Expert Advice on Summer Camps and Special Trips for Kids

It may be hard to imagine now, with freezing temperatures, snow and sleet and icy rain, but summer is just a few months away. It’s time to sign kids up for summer camps and special trips, before the best places are all filled up.

Now there’s a free service that can help you find the best camps and trips for individual children. It provides expert advice on overnight camps and trips for kids ages 8 to 18.

Tips on Trips and Camps recommends carefully screened, quality summer programs throughout the United States and abroad. There are programs for children, tweens and teens, and advice on which to choose to best meet each child’s needs and interests.┬áDid I mention there is no charge to use it?

Summer camp is fun, and it can be an education experience that enriches a child’s life forever, resulting in delightful experiences and lifetime friendships. Nowadays there are music camps, art camps, and other specialized camps as well as the old-fashioned rustic camp with swimming, hiking and boating.

The most important thing is to choose the right camp for each child’s needs and personality. This service helps you do that.

Trips abroad can open up new worlds for children of all ages. But different children have different requirements. An art-related trip might best suit one child, while a walking tour or bicycle tour of country villages might best suit another.

If you are not sure what criteria to use in selecting the right camp or trip, this service makes it easier. They lead you through the process step by step.

From scenery and quality of accommodations to counsellors and classes, you can find out everything you know to make a smart decision about summer activities for kids. Whether you select an art or music camp, a wilderness backpacking expedition, or a trip abroad for your child, this is the best place to get all the details you need to make the right choice for each child.

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