Your Questions About Hypnosis Journalist

Charles asks…

If I wrote a fiction novel with you as a character, how would you customize your character?

Character type. (Choose as many as you like.)

[]Police officer.
[]Private Investigator.
[]Vice Squad.
[]Computer expert.
[]Military type.
[]Naval Type.
[]Mafia Type.
[]F.B.I Agent type.
[]Other such religious person (Please state ———–)
[]Superhero type.
[]Undercover Agent.
[]Rock star.
[]Metal Star.
[]Rap Star.
[]Solo Artist.
[]Other type of music sensation (Please state ———–)
[]Artist (Fine arts, sculpture, Paiter etc…)
[]Hitman/woman for hire.
[]Con Artist.
[]T.V Host.
[]Other character type I haven’t mentioned. (Please state ————)

In regard to your chosen character type above would you be… (Tick as many as you like.)

[]Anti hero.
[]A real scaredey cat.
[]A real pig.
[]Others I haven’t mentioned.

Special skills. (Choose as many as you’d like.)

[]Computer Skills.
[]Piloting skills.
[]Martial Arts.
[]Survival Skills.
[]Code Breaking.
[]Making Traps.
[]Covert operations.
[]Business Skills.
[]Mountain Climbing.
[]Lock Picking.
[]Scuba Diving.
[]Kite Flying.
[]Others I haven’t mentioned. (Please State. —————-)

Favoured weapons. (Tick as many as you’d like.)

[]No Combat Skills.
[]Unarmed combat.
[]Does not use weapons.
[]Machine Pistols.
[]Short Swords.
[]Throwing knives
[]Shuriken (Throwing Stars.)
[]Quarter Staffs.
[]Bow and Arrows.
[]Flame Thrower.
[]Grenade launcher.
[]Home-made Explosives.
[]Laser guns.
[]Blow Darts.
[]Others I haven’t mentioned.

Describe here a little (or more details) about yourself as a fictional character.)

Journal of Hypnosis answers:

Are you for real?? I was realy happy to do it it seemed like fun but than I saw how long the list is and I realy dont have all day. Your answerers will write a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg essay for you.

Ok here goes: I would love to be a Warrior, Nurse, Proffesor.

My character will be: disciplined, heroic, naughty, seductive, sexy, noble, caring, alert and vigilant, sensual, cool, good, mysterious and graceful.

My special skills will include: swordplay Martial arts, disguise, survival skills and orienteering, making traps, mountain climbing, seduction and diplomacy, forensic, dance and music, sport, scholar, hypnosis.

Favoured weapons: Unarmed combat, swords, short swords, daggers, knives, Shuriken, Staff, Quarter staff, Sai, Chain, Trident, Halberd, Claws.

Jenny asks…

Can you name the movies?

Fun game: I will take 3 or 4 plot key words of a movie and you have to guess what they are. Some people are really good at these and some horrible

1) drugs/casino/journalist
2) divorce/babysitter/cross dressing
3) prison/flower/artist/foster child
4) mathematician/imaginary friend/nobel prize
5) mooning/mechanical bull/hot tub
6) jousting/training/gambling addiction
7) wealth/manipulation/diary/cocaine
8) kidnapping/travel/briefcase/worm farm
9) tour/fame/domineering mother/journalism
10) cubicle/arson/hypnosis/stapler
11) summer camp/wine/remarriage/prank
12) boxing/diamond/dog
13) highway/meow/conspiracy/chimpanzee
14) catwalk/coal mine/cemetary/spy
15) con artist/star gazing/wedding/mother-daughter relationship

…also try to guess them before reading other peoples comments and see if you could get them too!
Correct guesses

1.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2.Mrs. Doubtfire
4.A Beautiful Mind
6.A Knight’s Tale
7.Cruel Intentions
8.Dumb and Dumber
9.Almost Famous
10.Office Space
11.The Parent Trap
1)Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2)Mrs. Doubtfire
3)White Oleander
4)A Beautiful Mind
5)Out Cold
6)A Knight’s Tale
7)Cruel Intentions
8)Dumb and Dumber
9)Almost Famous
10)Office Space
11)The Parent Trap

Journal of Hypnosis answers:

1)Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2)Mrs. Doubtfire
3)White Oleander
4)A Beautiful Mind
5)Out Cold
6)A Knight’s Tale
7)Cruel Intentions
8)Dumb and Dumber
9)Almost Famous
10)Office Space
11)The Parent Trap
13)Lost Highway

13)Super Troopers?

Donna asks…

Can subliminal media messages mesmirise tired coalition negotiators into a strong Govt of the hypnotised?

Are 2010 cinematic 3D etc experiments in mass hypnosis brainwashing by sensory overload?

Seen Iron Man 2: The Rust Sets In ??

Will sequel be Iron Man 3: The Zimmer Frame Melts ???


But more apt here is the trailer for – sponsored by Orange with trailer featuring all 4 stars raving on about Orange products

Is it a test of public reaction, hoping for unnoticed apathy, so they feel safe to do it for political messages?

R U concerned @ gullible kids?

Will you email investigative journalists to probe?

How @ BBC lunchtime phone-ins, on in @ 17 hours?

Try & ??

How @ Mail .. Mirror .. Metro ???

All UK press URLs use that same format, OK?
Replies *1&*2 got my GWB voice

“I wanna sweet drink AND a brain!”

Do you believe this search result, doc?
If at first you don’t suck seed …
Reply *3 just got sublimely sublimated
Reply *4 adds subliminal software & YT

Anyone seriously doubt dictators’ use of subliminal messages in today’s 24×7 multimedia mix?

How many politicians dream of 100% happy, healthy, harmonious, productive populace?

I’m glad sleepy poms dream on, but this is USA/Canada evening & Oz/NZ lunchtime

Wanna wake up apathetic Brits?


Journal of Hypnosis answers:


5/10/76 National Enquirer reported the development of instant mass brainwashing sound FX

Mastertape hidden in deep underground London vault, it said–

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